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Jane says: Due to funding cuts TAFE staff trying to maintain the quality of training to students are stretched beyond capacity. Students now have less choice - less certificate options, less specialist electives to choose from, less options to study in accord with preferred learning method. Spiralling fees are being pushed on to students when the average TAFE student studying to enter the workforce is already on a limited income. The private providers are an attractive alternate financially however this investment quickly amounts to a poor one when an employer wont consider them - knowledge thin and short on practical application due to compressed training times. TAFE staff are dedicated, industry savvy and support a brand synonymous with student satisfaction, quality outcomes, and employment success. Fund for the future of our great nation.
Aaron Forrest says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Tony Holland says: Reduce funding means higher fees for students or less offering available. Overall student numbers go down and the need for staff is reduced. Once staff are lost, programs are in decline and are at risk of closing. Those education opportunities are then lost to students. Education costs $$ - our elected government must educate the people.
Alexander Richardson says: How these reforms and the truth of what is being changed has not been brought to the attention of a larger portion of the public astounds me. The consequences of these changes truly scare me.
Kate says: Keep funding TAFE
Denise Roach says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Kolby Waddilove says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Alex Miranda says: Stop the TAFE CUTS
Dapeng Wang says: CIT education is crucial for our community!
Erin S says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Rachael says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
gerard Dwyer says: Take into account how these courses help the economy directly by getting students ready for the workforce directly. If the price goes up it is unlikely you will have enough job ready people to do many jobs.
Rhys Davies says: How typical of the Australian government. further restricting and controlling what people learn and how they learn. Stop the TAFE cuts you greedy ignorant fools. Changing out teachers for online teaching programs is pathetic and wrong. Clearly the government isn't for the people.
jenny says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Madeleina Hanrahan-Tan says: We need TAFE. No More TAFE Cuts! There are too many brilliant teachers losing their jobs and too many students who miss out on great opportunities.
nona harvey says: May John Kaye's legacy survive!
Daniel Hablethwaite says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Janelle says: Enough already.......Stop TAFE Cuts!!!
ann heenan says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Angel Ben says: TAFE offers something unique from other colleges and universities. It offers practical training for the sectors which are only going to get bigger I the Australian economy eg. Disability and Aged Care. TAFE needs to have more support financially and otherwise, not screwed over! Stop the tafe cuts!
Albert Nip says: stop TAFE cuts
PETA campbell says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Kylie Phillips says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
patricia glanville-miller says: TAFE should complement the University sector in training for the future. TAFE needs to be sured up not cut back. The teritiary sector is not just for the clever bunnies but for anyone who can be trained and educated to be useful members of society at all levels.
Kieran Wojtczak says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Mary Franklyn says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Karen Pritchard says: Not everyone can go to uni and many courses are taught at TAFES especially trades such as electricians,plumbers etc. Computer and accounting courses etc too . TAFES are NOT cut funding or close campuses...
Teresa Wilkinson says: TAFE cuts must stop
Jean says: I notice over time that I needed to up-skill myself. because things change in the office so quickly over time and with terrible circumstances occurring in my life with a death of a Father which was expensive and took all my savings. Unfortunately, at the same time my contract job ended abruptly and I directed my attention at TAFE for a better opportunity with work, to look more impressive to employers and remove myself from Centerlink Newstart jobsearch, I saw as nothing but a dead end to long term unemployment and torture. However, with the TAFE cuts and high fees, especially even student loans offered became a dangerous options I could not afford or consider, as I had other serious things expensive to deal with. The government really put a spanner in the works for me.
Rehan Ahmed says: Please stop the TAFE cuts. Teachers need their jobs, run courses at the prices advertised for students enrolled and for future students.
Bob Sipple says: What will my children do without TAFE?
Michelle Millard says: The cuts to TAFE are criminal!
Desmond Stone says: TAFE teaches me to read and write. I don't know where else I could go to do this.
Liam Tester says: I'm an early school leaver and I need TAFE to get skills for a job. Stop the Cuts.
Gregory Scott says: Bring back Arts into TAFE!
Barry Sutton says: We need TAFE for realiable and quality adult education. Private education providers have ripped me off!!!
Rayleen Pfitzner says: TAFE has helped me to gain skills and confidence so I can volunteer at my kids school. I am hoping to get more skills to get a job and be a good role model for my kids.
Laura Rowlands says: Stop TAFE cuts, I have no other provider to assist me to get skills to get a job
Sarah Oakley says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Paul Awramenko says: Stop TAFE Cuts!
Emma says: Cutting TAFE will make the future of our infrastructure less reliable, we have one of the best TAFE systems why would we change it for the worst, we should be progressing not walking backwards, I mean look what happened to Victoria.
Michelle Rogers says: No more TAFE cuts
Carole Stow says: No more TAFE cuts
Corinne Muma says: What the Australian Government is doing to our TAFE teachers and students is abhorrent. Who do we expect low and middle income earners to better themselves with courses that are unaffordable? And how does forcing TAFE teachers to complete twice the course content in half the time equal quality education? This is a government money making ploy.
Sharon Gavin says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
David McClenaghan says: Stop destroying our future.
June Smith says: The destruction of TAFE is a crime against our youth
Dana Higgins says: My mother was employed through TAFE for over 20 years and I completed an Advanced Certificate after leaving school in Year 10 in what was the last "free" year of TAFE's education. Such a shame this is even happening and the instituion is being threatened. The private colleges are a money grabbing exercise providing nothing like the standard TAFE can offer - and people, especially school leavers, are getting sucked in.
Dianne Butland says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
moira mackay says: Stop cutting funding to TAFE. They are far too important for the futures of many thousands of young people as a training and education facility, who seek alternative tetiary education than universities.
Meghan says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Wade says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Christopher Huntley says: Private training is failing!!! Don't destroy Australia's Trade skills by poor training
Margaret Roberts says: Cutting TAFE is anti-social behaviour
Waine Donovan says: The State and Federal Governments should be ashamed of themselves for decimating such an important national service.
Kelly Sipple says: TAFE cuts are a national disgrace!
alan norris says: Selling off TAFE is as stupid an idea as you could ever come up with. Simply madness!
Michaela says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Deborah Shadbolt says: I love TAFE. It's helping to change my life and future. I fully support TAFE. It's more affordable education but is getting more expensive for some courses, which is a shame as traditionally its for people to have another chance to get education they missed out on when younger.
LESLEY KENNEDY says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Jean Horgan says: Stop TAFE cuts! We don't want a privatised system!
Kathryn Cramp says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Joshua Ceramidas says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
jasmina says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
krazykenny says: Stop
Jenny Sholtz says: Goodbye TAFE NC Tafe is a disgrace
Laura Blandthorn says: Quality TAFE means quality graduates.
Paul Springer says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Joanne Beattie says: My husbands course doubled in fees. Over 60% of the students had to drop out as many were apprentices or workers trying to put themselves thorough. Now they will shut that department due to a lack of enrolements. Little wonder when the course fees are as expensive as university fees. Schools will be next. The state government will not be happy until the Education system is completely privatised.
Claire says: Stop the TAFE cuts! The privatisation of the vocational training sector has turned out to be a HUGE mistake. It has made some morally corrupt people very rich and damaged the reputation of the sector.
Clement says: Incredibly stupid move to cut Tafe investments to fund privately institutions which are clearly failing and should be scrapped. Inability to look at the facts and adapt is unfortunately a common failing of our politicians.
Greg Flynn says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Amanda Tattam says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Ron Russo says: I'm about to retire, I have had continued employment, thanks to my Electronics trade course and subsequent post trades courses, all done through TAFE. Great education must be available to all, were not all destined to be doctors or lawyers.
Megan Bartley says: Stop TAFE Cuts!
bruce schneider says: I'm a teacher at TAFE and I've gone from 24 hours a week teaching to 3
Lindy Milles says: STOP TAFE CUTS!
Barbara Cronin says: We cannot leave the vocational training of our people to the private sector. Look around you, it does NOT work. We need someone somewhere to put students first NOT profit. For the youth of NSW DON'T sell TAFE...PLEASE!
joan Rooney says: I'm sick of this government trying to take away things us Australians want & love!
annette milverton says: SOLIDARITY
Kim Box says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Rachel Fentiman says: How will cutting education funding make our society better? I always thought well educated people made for a great society and in this day and age, we need this more than ever!
Mathew Schulz says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Graham Carman says: I'm on a pension and hate not having $$$ to help my children get further education so they don't end up on the dole long term. For instance my daughter just finished high school and wants to learn hairdressing because she has no skills to actually get a job. Problem is; Cert 3 in Hairdressing is $10000 and Tafe needs 25% up front. Looks like she's destined to be totally reliant on the dole as I cannot afford the $2500 up front let alone $10000 for the full course. Surely its better to subsidise tafe courses rather than pay the dole long term for our kids. Unfortunately the governments stance on this confirms they are intent on creating a total welfare state.
Kuan-Jung Li says: Stop the cuts
Justin says: Tafe is a great resource for everyone. I don't think I would be a Paramedic now if it wasn't for Tafe. I know many people who have studied at Tafe and it opened up so many doors and created opportunity for them.
Catherine Hall says: stop tafe cuts.
Cheryl Nicholas says: Stop Tafe Cuts!!!
Petrina Williams says: Stop TAFE Cuts!
Dr Lewis WILLIAMS says: With some evidence that private T&F education providers are either scams or shams, it is up to state TAFEs to provide legitimacy to the T&F education sector. For a smart country, Australia in general & NSW it particular are looking pretty DUMB in my mind. We need more & better qualified workers, cuts runs counter to that need. LeW
Lesley Purvis says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Karen Adams says: We need teacher - student interaction time, that's what learning is all about. Not cutting that time.
Mukesh says: I would like to attend this enquiry as I have fair bit of idea how a few dodgy brokers are misusing the scheme
Brett says: Jodie Schmidt is an absolute moron who has no idea as to the problems or issues TAFE faces. She needs to be removed from her *EXORBITANTLY* paid, politically appointed position immediately before TAFE reaches a point from which it will NEVER recover…unfortunately that may have already come to pass at the hands of the inept and incompetent mismanagement of the idiots appointed to senior managerial roles
Marie-France Stockdale says: TAFE has transformed the working life of many people I know. It allowed them to become more productive, self sufficient, empowered, prosperous, healthy and happy. It has the most impact on people who have a low income and few other options. There are huge obvious benefits for all of NSW when TAFE improves the productivity and prospects of our citizens. Reducing access to TAFE education impoverishes our people, economy, society and culture. We will all pay the price if TAFE access is not reinstated- with skills shortages, higher crime, welfare dependence, depression, suicide and violence.
Jane says: TAFE education needs to be available to our children and grandchildren at affordable prices and with teachers who have the skills, knowledge, expertise and with continued industry experience and partnership! Opportunity to up-skill or change employment without excessive cost and to broadly support the learning of young, middle-aged, second time round citizens, disadvantaged and older citizens through appropriate support eg for second chance education, trades, for Indigenous Australians, disabled, slower learners and provision of support through Language, Literacy and Numeracy to assist with student success.
shannan campbell says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
amer says: Education for all thank you

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